Rule 431

Dear Mentor,

My ITP taught me how to interpret, but you taught me to be an interpreter.

Thank you.

Rule 428

I could not interpret with the skill I have today without the patience, love and encouragement of the Deaf community while I learned hard lessons on their time.

Shout out Adam Bartley!

Rule 419

“We can’t afford two interpreters so we will make sure you get frequent breaks…”

The break is a lie.

Rule 416

Interpreter terms that we all understand (on-going).


When the adult (or… gulp… minor) child of the Client ‘fixes’ your interpretation.

“I was struggling for a minute in the middle.”

Me too! Lucky her daughter was there to CODArrect us.

“True Biz!”

Authors note: I’m not sayin’ that’s a bad thing!

Rule 414

Interpreter terms that we all understand (on-going).

Vampire Week: When you never seem to drive to, or home from, or in-between appointments while the sun is up.

“Wow you look tired!”

I had a Vampire Week.

“Enough said.”