Rule 533

If you are reading this you have lived though every interpreting appointment you’ve had thus far and there is no reason to believe that streak will not continue.

Happy National ASL Day!

May ASL Bless your life as much as it has blessed mine!

Rule 530

We have a last minute appointment, are you familiar with Hamilton?

(By the way, just to head off the CPC discussion that has already started on social media, no I did not interpret for Hamilton. I did, however, go to it with my family and it was AWESOME!)

Rule 529

Today was just 24 hours? Are you sure? It feels like more.

Swag in ANY Language

Hello Everybody!

I have received a few requests for Rule One and Rule Five shirts that are BSL instead of ASL.


So, the question becomes “how do you get one?”

The Swag Goddesses are all over it!

Use this link:

Go to Lucky Duck Custom Orders page and follow the instructions. Ask the elves to substitute BSL or LSF or ISL (oh, I see you out there Alvean! One of the best days I have ever had was touring Dublin with Alvean! Check her out on YouTube at Deafdub. While you are at it look at Deaf Village Ireland-I want one in Utah!) or whatever you want and then watch your mail for the magic.

When you get it Please Please post a picture for me!!!!

Now the next obvious question is, “What if I want the whole Rule in German or French or Cantonese?” We can do that, but it takes a little more work. Please write the translation in the language you want (I’m good but I can’t do Pashtun) and send it to me. I need to have it checked (just protecting my brand folks! My name is on this swag! The last thing I need is for someone to translate one of my Rules into something dirty in another language… if anyone is going to do that Aunt SuperTam will tell you it’s going to be me!) when it’s approved follow the same instructions above! It’s just that simple!

Order twenty or more and the Swag Goddesses can cut you a deal!


Be sure to send me a picture!!!

Love all y’all!