Rule 431

Dear Mentor,

My ITP taught me how to interpret, but you taught me to be an interpreter.

Thank you.

Rule 427

Things Uncle Dale may have said that you likely should not (on-going):

(Psst. This is part two from yesterday).

An Oral teacher was complaining about the Deaf community not appreciating her life’s work. She was shocked that I implied the Deaf community did not need what she was selling and responded with, what I call, “The Proverbial Loaf of Bread” scenario.

What, she said, happens when they graduate and have to live in the real world? How do you expect them to even buy a loaf of bread without the skills I teach?

I might have said:

“Is this real world still on the barter system? I can’t remember ever needing to negotiate for bread. I pick it up, walk to the cashier (or self-checkout) and it is scanned, the price appears on a screen and I follow the written instructions to pay with my debt card.”

Rule 421

“Sorry you came all this way. Tell [The Deaf Client] that we have decided not to pay for an interpreter, it’s too expensive.”


“What’s this?”

My bill to interpret what you just said. Two hour minimum. I’ll take payment in cash.

Rule 419

“We can’t afford two interpreters so we will make sure you get frequent breaks…”

The break is a lie.