Note from Uncle Dale: Necessity Breeds Simplicity

Hello everyone. Uncle Dale here again. I always say I’m a “nerd for meaning.” When you are a “meaning nerd” such as I you get sucked into… discussions? debates? the odd fistfight, over the use or meaning or grammar structure of Sign Language. For example, in a previous post, I said “I’m not judging you, … Continue reading “Note from Uncle Dale: Necessity Breeds Simplicity”

Note From Uncle Dale: The Rhythm Trap.

This Note has become a bit of an full time job for me. I have not been able to post anything because of my obsession with it. Sigh. In the book The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy (read the books. The movies don’t do the story justice!explains that the problem with time travel is not … Continue reading “Note From Uncle Dale: The Rhythm Trap.”

Note from Uncle Dale: The ADA, Interpreters and Cultural Dualism.

There exist in America two separate and distinct Deaf Cultures. The organic and the manufactured. The organic culture developed, well, organically, for lack of a better starting point when Adam and Eve gave birth to a child who is Deaf. For an interpreter this organic culture is all important because it puts our work in … Continue reading “Note from Uncle Dale: The ADA, Interpreters and Cultural Dualism.”