Notice From Uncle Dale: I Need Your Love & Prayers.

This is so hard for me to write. I am sure for many it will be hard to read.

A few days ago I sent out a post about going in for surgery and asked for your support. That surgery was supposed to be today.

It did not happen.

On Tuesday morning my oldest son took his own life with a gun.

I have asked myself why this beautiful, bright, shining star-just a few days from boot camp with the Marines and expecting a baby in December would act out in such a horrible and permanent way.

Unfortunately I know the answer. He had the only things needed for such a tragedy to occur, a temper, an argument and a gun.

This was not a planned act. It was a reaction to rage that he cannot take back, causing a result I cannot change no matter how much I beg.

The next few weeks will be awful for my family and I. It is my hope and prayer that our lives will gradually become less awful, but I have no hope that this tear in my heart will ever heal, so I am looking for “less awful” because I have no way to imagine what feeling better looks like.

I will continue to post on this blog. It will not happen again this week. But I need this, and you. I need you more than ever. I need to work and think and love what I do because that is the only path I see that may lead to “less awful.”

Know that I love you all. Please love one another for me and specifically love someone you love very much but may have struggled to connect with recently. Because love is so much more important than any differences that separate you.

My deepest love for you all,


Rule 597

Things Uncle Dale may have done that you probably should not (on-going):

Not ten seconds on the scene…

Police Officer: We’re just going to arrest them all and let them sort it out at the station. I don’t think we need you to interpret any of this.

UD: I don’t think you need arrest any of these people, but in the end we are both destined to disappoint the other.

Police Officer: (stern look) *blink* *blink*

UD: Where are my Clients?

Rule 596

Dear VRI Interpreter:

Watch your sight-lines or clean your room!

The Client should not know it’s Monday because that pair of “day of the week” panties is missing from the clothes strewn about the room behind you.

Thank you Jared Allebest

Notice From Uncle Dale: I Need Your Wit and Wisdom… and Thoughts and Prayers.

In the epic Stephen King “Gunslinger” series there is a concept called Ka. It is the guidance force that moves us toward our purpose in life. Fate? Destiny? Maybe both, on steroids.

There is a saying in the universe of the Gunslinger, “Ka is a wheel.” It always rolls back around to a new beginning.

I started this blog in March of 2017 as I was confined to my bed following abdominal surgery. It was kind of a rehabilitation exercise and a way to keep my sanity when it hurt to move my body.

On Thursday, this coming week I go under the knife again, this time for my sinuses. The doctor has been honest with me in that I can expect the first couple of days to be a three ring circus of pain. But my life should be greatly improved shortly thereafter.

For a few days I will look like I talked about fight club.

Ka is a wheel.

Just to give you an idea, this is a normal sinus:

And this is mine:

Not good to say the least!

The whole point of this post is to let you all know The Rules may go silent for a couple of days.

Don’t think I’ve abandoned you.

Keep me in your thoughts.

And send me suggestions for Rules because, to be honest I’m keeping a brave face (no pun intended) but I’m nervous. And when the surgery is done I’m not sure how witty or clever I will be feeling. So I’m asking to borrow some of your wit and wisdom.

We all know you have it! You’ve been pondering Rules of your own.

Someone may even get a tee-shirt out of it!

Thanks Everyone!


Rule 595

Agency: Will you take an appointment at a nudist resort?

Me: Is it Deaf/Blind interpreting?

Rule 593

So, what kind of conference is this?

Words a Deaf professional NEVER wants to hear when meeting their interpreter.

Seriously! Google is your friend!

(Wisdom of Teresa Blankmeyer Burke)