Rule 337

College/University Interpreters, as you prepare to start Fall Semester.

On the first day of class, after you sign, “are you my client?” ask a follow-up question. Because:

Hearing people nod when they get nervous; 

Deaf or hearing, college students are kinda jerks; and,

It is hilarious to watch you interpret at a terrified hearing student who keeps wondering why are looking at them the whole first class. 

Rule 333

It happens to everyone:

…And then you realize it. The doctor, the Client, the nurse and the CNA are all looking at you. How long have you been standing there… just… staring. You got the call at 12:45 a.m. and now it’s 4:00 maybe 4:30 in the morning… and you literally just fell asleep while interpreting.  Huh. Weird.  

Rule 332

CPC compatible answers to the question, “How was your day?” (An on-going series):

Well, first thing this morning… wait, did you cut your hair? It is so cute! When did you do it?

Rule for Sunday: Thank the People Who Take the Time to Listen Patiently and Guide Lovingly While You Learn Slowly.

We all stand on the shoulders of giants.  As interpreters we have many uncomfortable learning moments to be thankful for.

My list is long, as my arrogance is vast (it has to be to cover all my self-doubt) and my teachers, those who intended to teach me and those taught me by default, put up with a lot!

I am choosing a few, will miss many, and if you know your name should appear on this list, know that it’s there:

Jennifer Storrer-a smile and an eye-roll can teach a lot;

Carolyn Ball-blunt is not rude if you say it with love;

Jean Thomas-perseverance in pursuit of what is right is true strength;

Dale Link-sometime a “D” is the nicest way of saying you’re smart but lazy;

Bryan Eldredge-you feel like you need to say it, but you don’t;

Howard Rosenblum-deplomacy. It’s a thing;

Val Sturm-yes but you don’t need to fix this for them. They need to figure out how to fix this and may invite you to help (I’m not sure she even remembers that one);

Marla Broetz-if I ask you to help I need your help, if I don’t and you get in the middle then you are part of the problem (one of the hardest and best lessons EVER! Bless you Marla);

Jes Julander-it doesn’t matter how much skill you have if you don’t listen (annnnd bless you Jes);

Annette Miner-if I trust you, you should trust you;

And the list goes back and is added to each day and by each interaction.  

Be thankful for the hard lessons and the fun ones.