Rule 476

Don’t worry about waking me up, when I decided to go to medical school I knew I would be called in to the ER at 2:00 in the morning and I knew… oh, wait that’s right, I never went to medical school! I’M NOT A DOCTOR!

Rule 468

First, voices whispering in the dark. Love the dramatic effect! But, any chance we could keep the interpreters’ light on? Just for the times you want the Deaf audience members, who bought tickets, to understand the dialogue. Even if it’s voices whispering in the dark.

Rule 449

Science Teacher: Why shouldn’t you trust Atoms? Because they make up everything!

Interpreter: (ah! A challenge!)

Science Teacher: Photons have mass… I’ll bet you didn’t even know they were catholic.

Interpreter: (I don’t need this today)

Science Teacher: If a photon checks into a hotel it wont need help with its luggage because it’s traveling light.

Interpreter: (I am filled with hate).