Rule 715

Things Interpreters may think, but probably should not say (an on-going series):

You are really testing my people skills.

Rule 711

Dear Interpreting Student:

I expect great things. This will sometimes frustrate you. But, if you ever get so frustrated that you say, “if it’s so easy I’d like to see you do it!” be warned, it won’t help relieve your frustration; my answer will always be “ok.”

Because I can.

That’s why I’m the teacher.

Rule 698

If I ever start to complain about being too busy and having to run from appointment to appointment, I remind myself that the alternative is bored and broke.

Rule 697

If the night shift at the Emergency Room knows you by name you are either a hypochondriac, a drug addict or an interpreter.

Rule 696

Things interpreters may think but probably should not say (an on-going series):

This hospital is like the world’s worst hotel.

The patient’s job is to sleep and get better.

But the nurse’s job is to wake the patient up every hour!

Rule 694

When students tell me they are frustrated and thinking about giving up on interpreting I always say:

Frustration is the doorway to enlightenment.

Frustration is your brain’s way of telling you it’s bored with what it can do and wants to try something it can’t do yet!