Rule 428

I could not interpret with the skill I have today without the patience, love and encouragement of the Deaf community while I learned hard lessons on their time.

Shout out Adam Bartley!

Rule 419

“We can’t afford two interpreters so we will make sure you get frequent breaks…”

The break is a lie.

Rule 416

Interpreter terms that we all understand (on-going).


When the adult (or… gulp… minor) child of the Client ‘fixes’ your interpretation.

“I was struggling for a minute in the middle.”

Me too! Lucky her daughter was there to CODArrect us.

“True Biz!”

Authors note: I’m not sayin’ that’s a bad thing!

Random Thoughts by Uncle Dale: 2017 International Week of the Deaf/Sign Language

Take a minute to share your love of ASL with someone who doesn’t sign…preferably someone who knows you sign, or it just becomes some kind of modern dance performance art and you are just viewed as pretentious for having snobby inaccessible tastes in art… and you will want to explain that in the truest interpretation of the term they are very accessible (first pun not intended but the second totally was) but don’t explain yourself! Keep the mystery alive…

Happy 2017 International Week of Sign Language!