CV Dale H Boam May 2018


This is my standard request, but all fees and costs are negotiable.

UNCLE DALES RULE_S Presentation Contract

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If you like this blog perhaps you would like the Workshop version.

Washington State RID did.

Utah RID did.

Region V RID did (in Hawaii, so score!)

Perhaps a skills workshop like:

The Physics of Processing Time;

Orphans and Cohesiveness;

Discourse Markers;

The Physiology of Interpreting

Rhythm Blues: Avoiding the Cadence Trap; or others.  Zaboosh, WSRID, UTRID and others did.

Maybe a legal workshop?

The ADA at 26: Are We Celebrating a Little Early?; or,

Police Interactions with Persons Who are Deaf.  NAD National Convention did.

When Medical Interpreting Becomes Legal Interpreting. RID National Convention did.

Deafness and Legal Status. CSUN did.

An Introduction to the American Legal System for Interpreters;

Civil Procedure for Interpreters; or,

Criminal Procedure for Interpreters. Idaho State University did.

Making the  ADA Work for People who are Deaf; or,

Advocacy at All Ages. Utah State University Deaf Education Students Association did.

Interpreting Sex, Drugs and Swearing in ASL: The Workshop Your Mother Warned You About; or,

Post in Haste, Repent at Leisure: Social Media and the CPC. UTRID did.

The Law, Deafness and Personhood: Where Hobson’s Choice Meets Social Eugenics;

The Power of Time: ADA Violations and the Statute of Limitations; or,

Deafness and the Law: A Case for Requiring the Course in Deaf Studies Programs. Deaf Studies, Today! did.

These and many, many more workshops are just a “contact” away!