Rule 694

When students tell me they are frustrated and thinking about giving up on interpreting I always say:

Frustration is the doorway to enlightenment.

Frustration is your brain’s way of telling you it’s bored with what it can do and wants to try something it can’t do yet!

Rule 693

We gotta decide on one format!






I’m not sure how many more video apps my phone can take!

Rule 692

Dear ITP Students:

You are not ASL students now, you are interpreting students.

The answer will never be found in vocabulary.

The answer will almost always be found in better processing.

Rule 691

If they understood what they were talking to each other about, but you didn’t, call it a miracle and move on.

Don’t spoil it by overthinking. Let there be magic in the world!

Rule 690

Leave it outside. You are working now.

Whatever it is, pain, heartache, infatuation, excitement, success, failure, joy, anger, love, loss…

Leave it outside.

It will be there when you are finished.

Rule 688

When asking for feedback, ask for feedback.

When asking for assurance you didn’t screw up, ask for assurance.

If you ask for feedback when all you want is your team to assure you that you didn’t screw up, no matter how accurate the feedback is all you will hear is that you screwed up!