Rule 431

Dear Mentor,

My ITP taught me how to interpret, but you taught me to be an interpreter.

Thank you.

🎼Oh There’s Nothing Like Swag for the Holidays…

Ho Ho Hello to all! Uncle Dale here! That slightly odd uncle you can love from afar because you never have to worry about being seated next to at the family dinner!

The Swag Goddesses have the elves working overtime to meet your orders! The links are at the bottom! The elves love what they do, and if you hurry they can still get this to you in time to give your friend who is Deaf:

Or this for the newly certified interpreter:

Or this for the hard working CA in your life who takes that midnight shift:

Or this for… you know who:

Or this for yourself (to wear when you see you know who):

You can even make a custom order with any Rule you want! (Fingers crossed, eyes closed, Rule 276, please someone, Rule 276…)

If you do please send me a picture!!!!

The elves are waiting! And all of them are wearing this reminder:

Be sure not to miss the other incredible items the Swag Goddesses produce to satisfy all your slightly or majorly snarky needs!

Uncle Dale’s Rules for Women

Uncle Dale’s Rules for Men

Rule 428

I could not interpret with the skill I have today without the patience, love and encouragement of the Deaf community while I learned hard lessons on their time.

Shout out Adam Bartley!

Rule 427

Things Uncle Dale may have said that you likely should not (on-going):

(Psst. This is part two from yesterday).

An Oral teacher was complaining about the Deaf community not appreciating her life’s work. She was shocked that I implied the Deaf community did not need what she was selling and responded with, what I call, “The Proverbial Loaf of Bread” scenario.

What, she said, happens when they graduate and have to live in the real world? How do you expect them to even buy a loaf of bread without the skills I teach?

I might have said:

“Is this real world still on the barter system? I can’t remember ever needing to negotiate for bread. I pick it up, walk to the cashier (or self-checkout) and it is scanned, the price appears on a screen and I follow the written instructions to pay with my debt card.”