Rule 685

Purely practical.


Never set your bag down on a conveyer belt in order to interpret. Even if it’s stopped, because, funny thing, THEY START MOVING.

They “convey” things. It’s in their nature. In fact it’s right there in their name!

Note from Uncle Dale: IEPs from RID Views


Rule 682

When you need to find the person in charge look past tee-shirts with the name of the company or conference on them, aprons, polo shirts with logos or any kind of uniform.

Power wears its own clothes.

Rule 681

Post conference interpreting complaints (an ongoing series):

After interpreting for so many motivational speakers I’ve realized I’m an asymptomatic carrier. I can pass motivation on to others without ever showing symptoms myself.

Rule 679

The floor of an Emergency Room is disgusting.

Do not set your bag or coat on that floor!

In fact if you drop something on the floor in an Emergency Room don’t pick it up! Consider it gone, mourn its loss, and buy another.