Rule 695

Interpreting for rock concerts.

If you can feel the sound waves physically pushing against your head, you may be attending the next concert as a Client.

Rule 690

Leave it outside. You are working now.

Whatever it is, pain, heartache, infatuation, excitement, success, failure, joy, anger, love, loss…

Leave it outside.

It will be there when you are finished.

Rule 685

Purely practical.


Never set your bag down on a conveyer belt in order to interpret. Even if it’s stopped, because, funny thing, THEY START MOVING.

They “convey” things. It’s in their nature. In fact it’s right there in their name!

Rule 679

The floor of an Emergency Room is disgusting.

Do not set your bag or coat on that floor!

In fact if you drop something on the floor in an Emergency Room don’t pick it up! Consider it gone, mourn its loss, and buy another.

Random Thoughts From Uncle Dale: Let Me Give You An In Class Example…

Dear ASL to Spoken-English Students:

Don’t be so easily impressed:

I’ve taught this principle for thirteen years; and,

I picked the video!