Rule 595

Agency: Will you take an appointment at a nudist resort?

Me: Is it Deaf/Blind interpreting?

Random Thoughts by Uncle Dale: Game of Thrones

An Interpreter Joke from, of all places, Game of Thrones.

An Interpreter was on the deck of a sinking ship. The Capitan asked “can you swim?”

“No,” the Interpreter replied, “but I can yell HELP in 16 languages.”

Thank you Game of Thrones.

Random Thoughts by Uncle Dale: Earth Day

Cochlear Implants are made of plastic and have components that include heavy metals. They must be manufactured and processed in settings that leave a carbon footprint.

ASL is pollution free and in every other way eco-friendly.

Just a thought.


Random Thoughts by Uncle Dale: Peter Cook is the Master of All Art Forms

Hello all! Here at the Deaf Studies, Today! Mini Conference at UVU. A fantastic day.

Octavian Robinson’s interactive keynote on reexamining who is at the table, the true meaning and benefit of diversity and shared knowledge in Deaf Studies was a wake-up call to everyone (especially this straight white male). David Davenport’s lecture on Language Acquisition should be required viewing in every program.

Do yourself a favor, look that this line-up and the topics and pick one at random for your next conference. You will thank me!

But by far the best moment for me was during Peter Cook’s examination of Deaf Space.

(I got to spend time with Peter and Kieth Wann, two of my favorite humans!)

Now, maybe it was late in the day…

Maybe my brain was overfilled…

But, I almost cried I laughed so hard when Peter was explaining how Deaf Space is understood and misunderstood, and did so by telling a “Deaf knock knock joke!”


How a person who is Deaf tells a knock knock joke:

“Knock Knock”

“Who’s there?”

Rule 527

Is interpreting a real job? Anything is a real job if someone pays you to do it. Politics and prostitution prove that point.

Note from Uncle Dale: Wisdom All Interpreters Need to Learn Before It’s Too Late.

(A story my father told me years ago…)

Once upon a time there was a little bird who decided not to prepare to fly south for the winter.

The bird knew she should prepare, she just didn’t want to.

When all the other birds started to fly south she just sat where she was.

Then it started to snow.

Realizing her mistake she quickly flapped her wings and headed south… but didn’t get very far before her lack of preparedness caused the difficulty of her undertaking to knock her out of the sky. In other words her wings and body froze and she fell down down down until she crash landed in a field and the snow began to bury her.

Suddenly, a cow standing nearby raised her tail and buried the frozen little bird under a pile of steaming manure.

The little bird sobbed to herself. Her foolish choice to fail to prepare and her procrastination had left her to die, frozen, and covered in smelly cow poop.

But suddenly she realized she was no longer frozen.

The warmth of the cow plop thawed her body and the feeling was returning to her wings.

The little bird realized that she was not going to freeze to death and she was so happy that she started to sing.

Her song attracted a nearby cat who dug her out and ate her.

This story has four morals:

1. Sooner or later if you don’t prepare you are doomed;

2. Not everyone who dumps on you is your enemy;

3. Not everyone who digs you out of a mess is your friend; and,

4. If you’re up to your neck in crap, but otherwise fine, SHUT UP!

Rule 516

Two interpreters are walking down a hall, a third walks past and says, “hello.”

The first looks and the second and asks, “how would you interpret the meaning of that?”

Thank you Henny Youngman!