Another Milestone.

Another moment of gratitude for everyone. When I was not looking this happened:

That is the same number of visits and more visitors than the whole of last year.

To put it in perspective.

This is the total since I started the blog:

The blog is roughly 19 months old.

Thank you.

Thank you all for your support when I needed it.

Thank you for your feedback and critique.

Thank you for adding your wit and wisdom to this blog.

Mostly though, thank you for stopping by and enjoying with me the terrors and pleasures of what we do everyday!

I’m working on the book everyday. I would like to think it will be finished soon, but I will soon be entering the editing process-which I hear can feel like it NEVER ENDS.

Wish me luck!

Rule 645


Bizarre “field specific” acronyms;

Nonsensically named computer programs;

Obscure Jargon;

References to field offices in unusually named small towns in other states; and,

Client specific shorthand for things they deal with everyday on this job but that exist nowhere in the world outside!

Curse you and all your ilk!

Rule 642

You can’t sign interpreter without Asshole.

Ladies and gentleman a round of applause if you will for Anne Leahy!

Rule 625

When you find a video of that conference five years ago where everyone said you totally rocked the ASL-to-English interpretation for that Deaf presenter, remember- that video is a cursed object.

Do not open it! Don’t even touch it!

Because, inside it is your best work, from five years ago.

And you will see it is good, you know, for five years ago.

I mean it’s nowhere near the level of your best work today.

But it’s still pretty good.

Well sure, you’ll think, there are a couple of word choices you would not have made today, but it’s acceptable work.

Except, now you notice that odd voice inflection, but it’s fine, mostly, I mean for five years ago.

Of course, you did seem to say “ummmm” like, A LOT. But it’s not bad, really.

And wow, you realize that actually vocalized that rhetorical question literally without adjusting it to its “Hearing” equivalent. You would never make that choice today.

But maybe you were tired?

(Why, you wonder, didn’t you hand it off to your team, what were you thinking?)


By the way, your work was great. It’s not worse than you remember, you’re just better than you were!


Rule 623

VOF doesn’t spell anything. It’s 209. It’s always 209.

Wit and Wisdom of kris10write

Rule 622

Find your happy place.

Conference Presenter: It’s a very simple exercise in self-awareness. I will talk you through it while I show you how it’s done (pushes the microphone into the platform interpreter’s hand while muttering, “hold this for a sec…”)

NOW I’LL SPEAK LOUDLY! OK MAKE SURE YOUR HANDS ARE FREE FOR THIS. CAN YOU HEAR ME IN THE BACK? (stage whisper to the interpreter, “hold that microphone near my mouth please…”)

Rule 621

Following a major illness, tragedy or medical procedure, it turns out that, “Up and around” and “Ready for five hours of platform interpreting,” are not the same thing.