Rule 615

Making ethical decisions in a vacuum is like getting lost and only asking yourself for directions.

This is a combination of the Wit and Wisdom of two people, Xenia Fretter and one other reader who asked not to be named. Thanks to both!


Well, we went from here:

To here:

to here:

I got the bandages off my nose yesterday, but I still can’t lay down flat for a couple of days. That smile has Lortab written all over it!

Up to today I’ve been pretty out of it on pain meds and so it’s nice to not have to fight to think!

Thank you for your well wishes and prayers. The support has been wonderful!


Rule 613

It’s easier to process the message without all the alarms in your head going, “WHOOP WHOOP YOU ARE GOING TO FORGET THIS WHOOP WHOOP!”

(Who thought it was a good idea to install those?)

The Wit and Wisdom of Dana!

Thanks Dana!

Rule 612

You learn a great deal about medical interpreting by being a patient.

The same must be true about interpreting for the police, but don’t.

Rule 610

Every VRI and VRS Interpreter eventually espouses Resistentialism.

(Look it up and you will agree. I’ll wait.)

Rule 609

Remember, no one goes to the Social Security Administration or the Department of Motor Vehicles or ANY government agency for fun.

(VRS Interpreters, substitute goes to with calls)