Rule 682

When you need to find the person in charge look past tee-shirts with the name of the company or conference on them, aprons, polo shirts with logos or any kind of uniform.

Power wears its own clothes.

Rule 676

Do you ever feel like you are interpreting for someone talking in their sleep, but being held to the standard of what they would have said if they were awake?

Random Thoughts from Uncle Dale: I Will Miss You… In A Way

So, this is goodbye… kinda.

This weekend is mine and Aunt SuperTams 27th wedding anniversary (I KNOW RIGHT?)

Instead of presents this year we made each other promises.

We promised to leave this terrible summer behind us for one weekend.

I also promised to leave technology behind until Monday. So I am going off the air for the weekend.

There are some things more important than my blog.

I will see you all Monday.


Rule 674

A speaker who uses a lot of words is not necessarily providing a lot of information. Sometimes you have to stop, breathe and analyze for meaning longer than you are comfortable.

I call this the “wait for and wade through” style of interpreting.

Rule 671

Never mistake the main idea for the point.

The main idea is what you’re talking about.

The point is why you talked about it.

The main idea is built from the beginning.

The point usually comes at the end.

Understanding the main idea gives your interpretation structure.

Understanding the point gives your interpretation closure.

There is always a main idea.

Sometimes there is no point.