Rule 648

If you are on hold with the Social Security Administration and you have to go to the bathroom, go. You have time.

Another Milestone.

Another moment of gratitude for everyone. When I was not looking this happened:

That is the same number of visits and more visitors than the whole of last year.

To put it in perspective.

This is the total since I started the blog:

The blog is roughly 19 months old.

Thank you.

Thank you all for your support when I needed it.

Thank you for your feedback and critique.

Thank you for adding your wit and wisdom to this blog.

Mostly though, thank you for stopping by and enjoying with me the terrors and pleasures of what we do everyday!

I’m working on the book everyday. I would like to think it will be finished soon, but I will soon be entering the editing process-which I hear can feel like it NEVER ENDS.

Wish me luck!

Rule 646

Life is less stressful if we recognize the difference between things that you have to do and things that you should do.

For example:

I should have posted this Rule earlier, but I had to get some sleep.

Rule 635

Interpreters observe many things they should probably never say out loud:

For example, working for the government appears to be the fine art of jamming four hours worth of work into an eight hour day.

Rule 631

“If you can just do this quick job for us we will work out pay with you later,” or, “Don’t worry we’ll take care of you,” is just a Hearing Client’s way of saying, “we’re not going to pay you.”

It’s kinda a Labor Day Rule.

Rule 630

Find your happy place.

Twice a month you team for a 2 1/2 hour “Department Meeting” that could be effectively replaced by a half page email each and every time.

Rule 626

Freelance Interpreters! There are certain “frozen texts” you just want to put in your toolbox now, so you don’t sweat when you inevitably have to interpret them (and you will, sooner or later, you will):

a) Rights a defendant waives when pleading guilty;

b) Common risks of surgery contained within an Informed Consent wavier;

c) K-12 educational disclosure forms; and,

d) “Modern Major General” from Pirates of Penzance…

Sooner or later friend, sooner or later.