Rule for a June Sunday Morning: Sometimes You Have To.

Some days you feel the need to be somewhere that renews your soul. This is Twin Lakes. It may not be your place but it’s one of mine.

Find your place.

Sometimes you just have to.

Rule 551

Live your crazy dream!

“Lately is seems there’s been a run of crazy dreams and [one] who can interpret could go far,

Could become a star!”

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.

Rule 548

No matter what Sign system your clients tend to use, a deep study of ASL (Read: BSL, LSF, Deutsche Geb√§rdensprache…) will help you produce it more eloquently.

The wisdom of Adam Bartley.

Happy National ASL Day!

May ASL Bless your life as much as it has blessed mine!

Rule 530

We have a last minute appointment, are you familiar with Hamilton?

(By the way, just to head off the CPC discussion that has already started on social media, no I did not interpret for Hamilton. I did, however, go to it with my family and it was AWESOME!)

Rule 528

Legal interpreting is not as scary as you think; Medical interpreting is scarier than you think; and, Educational interpreting is more challenging than you think.