Rule 278

Unrecognized Personal Bias is the enemy of understanding.

For example:

Psychiatrist: do you think your anxiety and anger are related to your “hearing problem.”

Deaf Person: No, I think they are because of hearing people.

(not quoted from a real interaction–quoted from hundreds over 25 years.)

Rule 274

We all know THAT interpreter. ¬†You know the one who… I mean… you know who ALWAYS…. just… arguh…

Yeah. Don’t be THAT interpreter.

Rule 272

The Client owns their confidentiality. They can spend or save it as they wish. That being said, in the middle of a Deaf event it never hurts to say, “Are you sure you want to discuss that here? Looooots of people around.”

Rule 264

Spend more time preparing to do a job well and you will waste less time developing excuses as to why it did not go well.