Rule 610

Every VRI and VRS Interpreter eventually espouses Resistentialism.

(Look it up and you will agree. I’ll wait.)

Rule 564

VRS Call Center, Monday 6:20 am: It is difficult to maintain the proper sincere vocal affect needed to interpret to the Deaf caller’s boss that he is too sick to come to work (cough… cough) when the Deaf caller actually has a beer in his hand, a whole lot of empties all around him, OH… hello, and a rather naked person just sat on the bed in the background.

This is when professionalism just takes over.

Rule 495

Terms for things all interpreters understand.

Morgan Freeman: when you narrate the appointment as much as interpret it (most common among VRS interpreters, but we all do it), as in:

I had to straight-up Morgan Freeman for an hour! I just kept saying, “The Client is reading the paper you just gave him so you’ll have to wait for him to look up,” or “The door is closed so the Client will not understand the instructions you are giving on how to collect a ‘clean’ urine sample.”

VRS Interpreters: “The Caller is talking to someone off screen,” or “there are now two people on the screen,” or “the Caller just walked away…”

Rule 432

Freelance Interpreters get exposed to colds, flu, lice, bedbugs, and a cornucopia of bacteria by going out to appointments. VRS and Education interpreters have these goodies delivered right to them by students and co-workers.