Rule 543

No one has to be happy with you all the time.

No one even has to like you all the time.

Rule 540

Hey you know what? I need the scheduler to block me out from 1-3 today.


Because I won’t be available.

But, why?

Because you will have blocked me off the schedule.

(Today my friends I nap like a KING!)

Rule 9 (addendum)

Irregardless (defined as): Hey, Regardless! Hold my beer.

See Business Insider

Thank you LaVona

I do, however, now firmly believe that she made up the word Lexicographer about two seconds before the camera started rolling.

Random Thoughts by Uncle Dale: Earth Day

Cochlear Implants are made of plastic and have components that include heavy metals. They must be manufactured and processed in settings that leave a carbon footprint.

ASL is pollution free and in every other way eco-friendly.

Just a thought.


Rule 536

You are the interpreter. You will likely never get answers to the questions popping into your head during this appointment.

Practice with me. Just accept, “Well. Because he owns a pair of Lederhosen? I guess,” as a good enough answer and move on!