Rule 431

Dear Mentor,

My ITP taught me how to interpret, but you taught me to be an interpreter.

Thank you.

Rule 421

“Sorry you came all this way. Tell [The Deaf Client] that we have decided not to pay for an interpreter, it’s too expensive.”


“What’s this?”

My bill to interpret what you just said. Two hour minimum. I’ll take payment in cash.

Rule 416

Interpreter terms that we all understand (on-going).


When the adult (or… gulp… minor) child of the Client ‘fixes’ your interpretation.

“I was struggling for a minute in the middle.”

Me too! Lucky her daughter was there to CODArrect us.

“True Biz!”

Authors note: I’m not sayin’ that’s a bad thing!

Rule 414

Interpreter terms that we all understand (on-going).

Vampire Week: When you never seem to drive to, or home from, or in-between appointments while the sun is up.

“Wow you look tired!”

I had a Vampire Week.

“Enough said.”

Rule 395

He has to hold his breath while we take the x-ray, so, um…

We got it.


We got it. It’s all worked out. You set up the x-ray out here and go behind the screen. When you are ready say “go” and I tap him on the shoulder, he holds his breath, I run behind the screen, you push the button the machine goes buzz click, I run out and tap him again and he breathes.

And he knows to do all that?

We worked it out while you were loading the plates.


Not our first time.

Rule 371

“Can you recommend someone who will charge less and can do the job with just one interpreter?”

Anyone who would take on that assignment for less than I quoted and attempt it alone I would never recommend. If you find someone who will, that should be your first clue it’s the wrong interpreter for the job.