Note from Uncle Dale: Numbering Change (with a new post script…)


It’s your Uncle Dale.  I just finished a conversation with a follower of the blog regarding numbering of the Rules.  She is absolutely charming and absolutely right;  Rules 61 and 62 are more corollaries to Rule 60 than stand alone Rules.

Thus, I have determined to institute the following change in numbering:

Rule 61 will become Rule 60.1 and Rule 62 will become Rule 60.2 and for structural purposes that means Rule 63 will become Rule 61.

I apologize if this disrupts your day or throws off any on-going discussions or wagering.



ps  Another follower of the blog just pointed out that I also have two Rule 18’s… sigh soooooo all the numbers will change… just a little. so.  How are you?

Rule 51

When a hearing person says “if you will not volunteer to interpret, you will leave this client without an interpreter,” the proper answer is:

No. You will.

I am ready, willing and able to interpret but you are not will to hire me.

The moment you are ready to pay for the service, I will provide it.

Rule 50

Go for the gold, always! But realize that sometimes even your best effort gets you a silver or a bronze; and accept that there will be days when, if you are lucky, your work earns a medal ranking somewhere between chewing gum foil and dental amalgam.