Random Thoughts by Uncle Dale: Game of Thrones

An Interpreter Joke from, of all places, Game of Thrones.

An Interpreter was on the deck of a sinking ship. The Capitan asked “can you swim?”

“No,” the Interpreter replied, “but I can yell HELP in 16 languages.”

Thank you Game of Thrones.

Rule 585

One hour lecture or three day conference, no matter how amazing the rest of your work is, stumble once and all they will remember is that you “struggled.”

Rule 584

Ah, we meet again, my old nemesis…

Chairs with arms.

My elbows say hello, and they hate you.

Rule 581

This is the right Doctor’s office and this is a Deaf person, it’s just the wrong Deaf person. Out in the waiting room is the Deaf Client you were supposed to interpret for, who was a little late, and thinks you didn’t show up at all…

Rule 580

Stop doubting that you did great work just because you’re the one who did it.

Rule 577

Swivel chairs are just an invitation to unnecessarily body-shift.

He said She said He said She said He said She said He said She said He said She said He said She said…