Rule 541

“We are making a training video for our new shipping process and we wanted to have one of the Deaf employees in a scene, you know for diversity, but it would be so much faster to have you play a Deaf employee, you know, because we can just talk to you during the shoot. We’ll pay you for your time. So, what do you think?”

I think, and hear me out here, NO.

Rule 9 (addendum)

Irregardless (defined as): Hey, Regardless! Hold my beer.

See Business Insider

Thank you LaVona

I do, however, now firmly believe that she made up the word Lexicographer about two seconds before the camera started rolling.

Rule 536

You are the interpreter. You will likely never get answers to the questions popping into your head during this appointment.

Practice with me. Just accept, “Well. Because he owns a pair of Lederhosen? I guess,” as a good enough answer and move on!

Rule 533

If you are reading this you have lived though every interpreting appointment you’ve had thus far and there is no reason to believe that streak will not continue.

Rule 532

Dear Concert Security,

If you need something, maybe talk to the interpreter who is NOT actively interpreting.

Just a thought.


Logic & Courtesy

Rule 526

The definition of a successful workshop: everyone stayed awake while you taught something they didn’t know when they came in.

Everything else is a bonus.