Rule 543.3

If someone dislikes something you’ve done or something you’ve said you are under no obligation to fix it, especially if you believe in what you’ve done or said.

(In other words, Sorry not sorry-Kim Bishop!)

This is not permission to be rude. It is permission to relax.

Rule 543

No one has to be happy with you all the time.

No one even has to like you all the time.

Rule 541

“We are making a training video for our new shipping process and we wanted to have one of the Deaf employees in a scene, you know for diversity, but it would be so much faster to have you play a Deaf employee, you know, because we can just talk to you during the shoot. We’ll pay you for your time. So, what do you think?”

I think, and hear me out here, NO.

Rule 9 (addendum)

Irregardless (defined as): Hey, Regardless! Hold my beer.

See Business Insider

Thank you LaVona

I do, however, now firmly believe that she made up the word Lexicographer about two seconds before the camera started rolling.