Rule 614

If we chose where our bodies lived in the same way we choose the memories where our minds live, then most of us would just keep renewing the lease on the worst apartment we ever had.

The Wit and Wisdom of Ryan.

Thanks Ryan! (I will use your full names if you give them to me!!! Grin)

Rule 563

Teams are the best!

Me: Where did this burrito come from?

Team: I brought it to you.

Me: You bought me a burrito?

Team: No, I brought it to you. It was a hand-me-down.

Me: You “re-gifted” me a burrito?

Team: I ate the other one. It’s a burrito. Be thankful.

Happiness is a hand-me-down burrito.

Rule 543.2

Very few people know you well enough to actually like you. More often they like something you’ve done or something you’ve said.

(A friend will help you move, a true friend will help you move a body)

Rule 543

No one has to be happy with you all the time.

No one even has to like you all the time.