Rule 395

He has to hold his breath while we take the x-ray, so, um…

We got it.


We got it. It’s all worked out. You set up the x-ray out here and go behind the screen. When you are ready say “go” and I tap him on the shoulder, he holds his breath, I run behind the screen, you push the button the machine goes buzz click, I run out and tap him again and he breathes.

And he knows to do all that?

We worked it out while you were loading the plates.


Not our first time.

Rule 386

When the moment arrives, and it will, remember-we are interpreters, we use our hands, sure, but not our fists. We use our words.

Rule 365

Actual quote from a medical office manager after 40 minutes of arguing with me, in my lawyer role, about the doctor’s legal obligations regarding interpreters:

If I was Hearing Impaired I would be embarrassed having to ask for help all the time from interpreters. I do not wish to play a part in humiliating some poor Hearing Impared person further.

My actual response:

Being that sanctimonious must be much easier for you because you are so stupid. 

I worked it out with their attorney, who was far less stupid