Rule 177

If you just fingerspell the word spurious, it does nothing but show the Client that you can spell the word spurious.

(Well, that you can almost spell the word spurious… you’re looking up the word spurious now, aren’t you.)

Rule 172

Notice how teachers say: “my student” when the Client excels, “our student” when she behaves, and “your student” when she doesn’t?

Rule for Easter

Ok so it’s not, strictly speaking, “interpreting”- but that room is full of sugared-up Pre-k through 1st grade Deaf kids and their equally sugared-up hearing siblings. Yeahhh. Just put on that bunny suit and HOP!

Rule 158

VRS Call Center, Saturday 2:30 AM: It’s sexy-time! You do realize that your hearing boyfriend can’t see you, but I, unfortunately, can. Right?

(Sexual Orientation non-specific)