Rule 537

You just interpreted for an hour long, very heated, discussion. Both the hearing and the Deaf client told you that you did a fantastic job. But you left having no real clue what the discussion was actually about.

It may feel weird, but it is quite common.

You’re ok.

Random Thoughts by Uncle Dale: Earth Day

Cochlear Implants are made of plastic and have components that include heavy metals. They must be manufactured and processed in settings that leave a carbon footprint.

ASL is pollution free and in every other way eco-friendly.

Just a thought.


Rule 536

You are the interpreter. You will likely never get answers to the questions popping into your head during this appointment.

Practice with me. Just accept, “Well. Because he owns a pair of Lederhosen? I guess,” as a good enough answer and move on!

Rule 535

It is perfectly acceptable to fade to the edge of an event and just revel in how amazingly beautiful sign language is.

Unless, of course, you’re working it. Then you just piss your team off.

Rule 533

If you are reading this you have lived though every interpreting appointment you’ve had thus far and there is no reason to believe that streak will not continue.

Rule 532

Dear Concert Security,

If you need something, maybe talk to the interpreter who is NOT actively interpreting.

Just a thought.


Logic & Courtesy

Rule 531

Referral Agency: I know you had your first appointment at 5:00 a.m., but we will pay time and a half if you run and swap out an interpreter who had an emergency. It’s for a new night-shift employee’s orientation and shouldn’t be more than a couple of hours.