Note from Uncle Dale: Language Illuminati  

Hi everyone, Uncle Dale, and I’m humbled in the presence of brilliance.

Rule 225, like Rule 130, is not mine own words and deserves a little explaination.  Cameo Hunsaker, an interpreter and teacher of interpreters from the Pheonix area asked if she could use some of my Rules because her students nominated her to speak at their graduation.  As always she was brilliant.  So much so that she proclaimed a Rule and I will forever kick myself for not coming up with it!  I memorialize her greatness in Rule 225 and you can see for yourself the fantastic speech!

By the way let’s all give it up for the interpreter, Joy, she earned a night out wearing a shirt with a pattern!!

Note from Uncle Dale: Millie

Hi all y’all!  This Note is way off the beaten path, but I am so proud of Millie I could just bust!

Millie is one of my Shakespeare kids and just as incredible in in person as she seems!  So what’s a proud Uncle Dale to do?

Millie goes to Cannes