Rule 71

VRS interpreting on a Saturday at 2:30 AM is NOT for the spineless, irresolute, indecisive, weak-minded, impressionable, persuadable, submissive, unassertive, compliant, pusillanimous, squeamish, chicken, person lacking in courage or determination; timid, cowardly, fearful, faint-hearted, lily-livered, craven, shrinking, gutless, wimpy, yellow-bellied, and small children or those with a heart condition.

Rule 70

It does not matter who the two of you are out there, in here she is the client. At this moment she does not need her good friend to cry with her; she needs a good interpreter so she can understand this doctor right NOW. The most loving and compassionate thing that you can do for her? Your job! and do it damn well!

Rule 68

How to avoid saying the words “that’s not my job”:

Absolutely your Honor! And while I’m am not sure where “my Deaf person (Rule 13, oy)” went while court was in recess, I will absolutely go and find the Defendant and bring him back.  Quick question if I may? Is my assignment to the Sheriff’s Department permanent or only for this one fugitive retrieval?