Rule 426

Things Uncle Dale may have said that you likely should not (on-going):

An Oral teacher was complaining about the Deaf community not appreciating her life’s work. She felt she was not given the respect she deserved for devoting so many years to “help” the Deaf.

I might have said:

“You are the world’s greatest crafter of prosthetic hands. You make them perfectly and in your art you are unparalleled. Unfortunately you are trying to sell them to a community that needs legs. It does not matter how skilled you are or how many years and tears you expend, you are selling a product the community doesn’t need or want.”

Rule 422

The reason it’s taking so long to interpret the Miranda rights is, this is how long it takes to interpret the Miranda rights.

(Miranda rights is a placeholder for whatever it is they are complaining about)

Rule 421

“Sorry you came all this way. Tell [The Deaf Client] that we have decided not to pay for an interpreter, it’s too expensive.”


“What’s this?”

My bill to interpret what you just said. Two hour minimum. I’ll take payment in cash.