Rule 290

Interpreting is… 

(Tell me what answer just popped into your head…)

Author: uncledalesrules

These blogs (I have two) began as a series of sayings I use to teach interpreting workshops, and political diatribes on Facebook. They moved from Facebook to this blog site: 1. as a way to remove them from my head (cuts down on the noise in there); and, 2. to give a better home to both my "less serious and satire laden posts" and my "more serious and satire laden posts." I guess it's up to you to decide which is which.

2 thoughts on “Rule 290”

  1. Sort of like synchronized swimming. When done well, each movement is clear, and precisely what the swimmer intended. The graceful transitions, from one segment to another, seem effortless. And, the beauty of their work (delivered with a stunning smile), belies the fact that they are physically & mentally exerting tremendous effort, to keep up with the pace, and avoid sinking in, over their heads.

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