Rule 236

Don’t let your subconscious “disavow” an interpretation by slipping into the “third person.”   

I [terpterpterp], then I said [terpterpterp], so I thought [terpterpterp] annnnddd (uuhhhhhh whaaa? Back away, back away slowly!) um…he [terpterpterp?] and then he said? [terp?terpterp?] um he, kinda, thought [terp?]…

Author: uncledalesrules

These blogs (I have two) began as a series of sayings I use to teach interpreting workshops, and political diatribes on Facebook. They moved from Facebook to this blog site: 1. as a way to remove them from my head (cuts down on the noise in there); and, 2. to give a better home to both my less serious and satire laden posts and my more serious satiate laden posts. I guess it's up to you to decide which is which.

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